Kehao Special Projects

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Kehao Downdraft Shuttle and Bell Kilns

Typical Applications:

  • Ceramic foam filter products

  • Zirconia ceramic liner for mud pump and aluminum melt pipe feeding

  • Magnesia-chrome spinel products for coal chemical industry

  • Thin-walled ceramic tube for sodium-sulfur cell

  • Alumina filter tubes

  • Alumina and Zirconia ceramic products

  • Magnesia-chrome spinel products for non-ferrous smelting

  • Kiln furniture for processing electronic materials

  • Silicon nitride products

  • Fused quartz ceramic products

  • Magnesia refractories for metallurgical industry

  • Mold shell baking for precision casting

  • Ceramic tube filters and flat sheet filters

  • Advanced ceramic products for semiconductor industry

Combustion Control:

  • Gas/Air ratio flow control. Equipped with incinerator and afterheat utilizing system

  • Gas/Air ratio flow control

  • Gas/Air proportional pressure control

  • Gas/Air proportional pressure control. Equipped with oxygen-enriched combustion system

  • Pressure balancing system to keep nitrogen  atmosphere within saggars

  • Gas/Air proportional pressure control with continuous proportion at low temperature and high/low pulse type system at high temperature

  • Pulse firing

  • Preheated combustion air

  • Recuperation

  • Heat exchange system

  • Downdraft


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